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What is obesity?


Obesity is defined as an excessive fat build-up in the body; this fat is stored on a subcutaneous level (under the skin) as well as around and inside organs (in the liver, this causes fat infiltration or steatosis).

Western lifestyle, with a high food intake and poor physical activity, may lead to obesity.

There is an increasing number of obese patients, it is referred to as the XXI century epidemics, and it affects adults as well as children and adolescents.

The importance of obesity lies in the severe health consequences for those persons who suffer it: severe grades of obesity will shorten life expectancy, and associate a high number of conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) and a higher risk of suffering certain types of cancer. Obese patients will live less and live worse. In the majority of the population, there are different levels of excess weight: Morbid Obesity (severe clinical obesity), which is a severe disease, would be on the far extreme.

¿ Qué es la obesidad ?

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué medicación debo tomar tras la intervención?, efectos, etc

¿Quién debe operarse?

Son candidatos a la cirugía todos los pacientes que presentan obesidad severa


La obesidad severa no responde a dietas ni a fármacos

Bypass gástrico

Es una técnica mixta ya que actúa tanto sobre el estomago como sobre el intestino delgado

Manga gástrica

Es una técnica restrictiva que solo afecta al estomago.

Consecuencias de la obesidad

Enfermedades asociadas a la obesidad, riesgos, infertilidad en mujeres, etc

Resultados esperables

No todos los pacientes pierden lo mismo aunque se haga la misma intervención.

Grados de obesidad

Para medir el grado de obesidad se utiliza el Índice de Masa Corporal (IMC)

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