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Levels of obesity

Before and after pictures of man with 16 months nutrition and exercise changes and losing 180 lbs.

The level of obesity is determined by Body Mass Index (BMI), which is calculated by dividing the person’s weight in kilos by the square of their height in metres (Kg/m2).

Thus, obesity is classified into:


  • A: Normal: IMC < 25
  • B: Overweight Grade I: IMC 25-27
  • C: Overweight Grade II (pre-obesity): IMC 27-30
  • D: Obesity Class I (moderate): IMC 30-35
  • E: Obesity Class II (severe): IMC 35-40
  • F: Obesity Class III (morbid): IMC 40-50
  • G: Obesity Class V (super-obesity): IMC 50-60
  • H: Super-super obesity: IMC >60

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