Gastric sleeve results to expect | Cirugia de adelgazamiento



Lost and Gained weight

This is a functional surgery,and therefore not all patients will lose the same weight, even though they have undergone the same procedure. The objective is to reach a healthy weight, which will cure patients of those conditions associated with obesity. Results are measured based on the lost overweight.

The ideal procedure (which does not exist) should meet the following criteria:

  • Loss of at least 50% of the extra weight, sustained during over 5 years.
  • Benefit for at least 75% of patients.
  • To offer a good quality of life and intake, with few side effects (vomiting, diarrhoea, anaemia).
  • Rate of additional procedures < 2% per year
  • No long-term complications, with an adequate follow-up.
  • Low risk (surgical mortality < 1%, risk of complications < 10%).

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