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Dr. Carmen Hernández and Dr. Dr. Peromingo Fresneda. Slimming surgery is part of the group of surgeons who attend every year since 2004 the inhabitants of one of the poorest and most disadvantaged areas of Africa, the region of Turkana.

Surgeons flock to Lodwar Hospital in Turkana where all the cases await their arrival. This assistance is especially important for the poorest, since Surgery in Turkana covers the surgical and hospitalization expenses of all patients and their maintenance.

Turkana Project

With the videos and the photos we made a film that perfectly illustrates the project. In addition one of the surgeons wrote a diary of the campaign that we could edit thanks to the funds that we collected. The story takes us into the terrible world of Turkana people in their way of life, and in the thousand and one anecdotes that we live in every day of work there.

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