Bariatric procedures | Cirugia de adelgazamiento


All patients with severe obesity (defined through their weight and height, with a Body Mass Index ≥40) are candidates for this surgical procedure, whether they present associated conditions or not. Those patients who don’t suffer morbid obesity (Body Mass Index between 35 and 40) are also candidates if they suffer associated conditions (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

Another group of candidate patients are diabetics, where it has been proved that surgery will cure their disease, and they will no longer require insulin and oral antidiabetics.

Regarding age, the indications have been widened, and in some specific cases, patients under 18 or over 65 can be included.

  • 18 to 65-year-old patients.
  • With BMI>40, or 35-40 with a severe comorbidity.
  • Favourable psychiatric report.
  • Demonstrated weight loss after diets with very low caloric content.
  • Patients must sign a Consent Form after receiving adequate information, they must be motivated to change their lifestyle (diet, exercise), and must present an aceptable surgical risk.
  • Contraception is recommended in women for two years after the procedure.
  • Life-long medical controls must be accepted.

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