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Our team is formed by an Endocrinologist, a Nutritionist, surgeons, and other specialists, who will conduct a joint assessment before surgery, as well as follow-up after the procedure.
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We are offering a comprehensive treatment for Morbid Obesity.

What is obesity ?

Frequent Questions

What medicines should I take after the surgical intervention?

Who should have surgery?

All patients with severe obesit are candidates for this surgical procedure


Severe obesity does not respond to diets or drugs

Gastric Bypass

This is a combination technique, because it acts both on the stomach and on the small intestine

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This is a restrictive technique which only affects the stomach.

Consequences of Obesity

Diseases associated with obesity, risks, infertility in women, etc.

Results to be expected

Not all patients lose the same even if the same intervention is done.

Levels of obesity

The level of obesity is determined by Body Mass Index (BMI)


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