Weight loss surgery

Over 1,500 interventions since 1992

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is a mixed technique that acts on both the stomach and the small intestine, producing both a restrictive and malabsorptive effect. Learn more

Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve is a restrictive technique that only affects the stomach. It is one of the most popular techniques for the treatment of morbid obesity. Learn more


Morbid obesity is a reality that affects millions of people worldwide. It involves its dimensions, causes, risks, and possible surgeries.

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We have extensive experience at both national and international levels in managing musculoskeletal injuries. We stand out as a multidisciplinary team that offers a comprehensive and personalized service, providing dedicated and committed care to each patient.


Inspiring and true stories of patients who have transformed their lives.
Testimonials from people who have undergone weight loss surgery.

Fernando’s Testimonial

Dr. Hernández Pérez discusses with her patient, Fernando, all the keys to having lost 60 kg in 7 months with Gastric Bypass surgery. Don’t miss his case.

Guadalupe’s Testimony

Guadalupe, who suffered from morbid obesity, has a new life after undergoing weight loss surgery with Dr. Hernández Pérez. She has lost more than 78kg.

Discover the shocking before and after of our patients

The CLA services in Madrid are essential for treating obesity, offering specific surgeries and detailed care to patients.

They focus on surgical procedures as the only effective way to manage morbid or severe obesity, providing customized solutions to those seeking stomach reduction operations at their clinic.


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