Consequences of obesity | Cirugia de adelgazamiento


Conditions associated with obesity;

Diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, varicose veins, respiratory problems (sleep apnea syndrome, obesity-hypoventilation syndrome, etc.), cardiac and coronary disorders, hypercholesterolemia, gallbladder diseases, fatty infiltration of the liver, phlebitis…

The combination of hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and fatty infiltration of the liver forms what we call Metabolic Syndrome.

Increase in the risk of suffering certain types of cancer (uterus, gallbladder, breast, colorectal, prostate…)

There is a reduction of fertility in women, with difficulties to become pregnant.


Early mortality; Obese patients die earlier than non-obese persons of the same age and gender; there is a 50% reduction in life expectancy.


Relationship problems and social rejection: There is prejudice towards the obese, they are blamed for lack of self-control, they are rejected for certain jobs, it is not easy for them to move in public spaces and transports,,, Society discriminates the obese, and this causes psychological disorders and anxiety episodes in these patients, with lack of self-esteem.


Problems with relatives and partners.

We must be aware that;

  • Obesity is a disease, sometimes very severe.
  • Patients are not to blame for it.
  • It is a health problem, not an aesthetic problem.

There are multiple causes: genetic, cultural, familial, psychological, sociocultural.


All this entails a lack of balance between the intake and the use of energy, and this is what leads to obesity.
It must be prevented since childhood.


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