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Consequences of morbid obesity

consecuencias obesidad morbida

The rhythm of life that we lead of working so many hours, eating quickly and badly, not finding space for sports, etc. It leads us to carry a series of diseases such as morbid obesity, which is a serious health problem that affects many people in Spain. There are many patients who seek a solution to this pathology, since it affects their day to day and can lead to other diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, bone problems, etc. These are just some of the consequences of obesity, but there are many more. Do you want to know them?


  1. Cardiovascular diseases: These types of diseases are those that usually appear associated with obesity, since this disease carries a series of consequences such as high levels of “bad cholesterol”, low levels of “good cholesterol” and high levels of triglycerides, among other effects. All of this leads to a greater predisposition to cardiovascular disease.
  2. Muscle, joint and bone pain: The daily load of a great weight on the muscles, joints and bones, takes a toll on them. Since bearing this load weakens them and in many cases supposes the appearance of constant pains in the body for obese patients. This consequence can be aggravated to the point of breaking key bones for mobility such as the ankles.
  3. Diabetes: This disease is directly associated with morbid obesity, and there is a clear relationship between them. Diabetes is a disease that worsens the quality of life for all those who suffer from it.
  4. Urinary incontinence: This consequence of obesity is a very uncomfortable effect that affects these people who suffer from it and makes them their day-to-day tasks can be affected for this reason.
  5. Infertility: Infertility, both in women and men due to obesity is a fact. This problem is associated with excess weight, and can have negative consequences, especially psychological in those who want to have children.The consequences of morbid obesity, as you can see, has quite a few negative consequences. So if you want to have specialized professionals to find the ideal treatment for you in Cirugia Laparoscopica de Adelgazamiento, we can help you. We are waiting!

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