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My experience with my surgery.
I hated pictures! Why? Well, because I didn’t like it. And it was a picture that made me react, “the one before.” My life I always remember her on a diet, but after a two-year depression, I got really out of control with my anxiety.

Medication didn’t help my metabolism either, I knew I had to do something because if I didn’t, out of the 110kg I weighed, I’d go to more and more, I didn’t know how to stop it and that caused me more and more anxiety.

I contacted my angel, Carmen and she explained to me that with the amount of weight I had to lose, it would be practically impossible to do it on my own. He talked me about gastric bypass and explained to me what the benefits were like. I made up my mind at the time. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, it’s now in April a year without complications or discomfort. I lead a completely normal life, I’ve learned to eat and do it slowly. I´d lost 41 kg and I am a new person both physically, healthly and psychologically.



6 September, 2016

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