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As you can see, this is me before and after, what a change, isn’t it?

I have to thank the surgeons´team who performed the surgery, thanks to them I am now happy. I am an asthmatic girl and before the operation I could not make normal life, I was not able to go for a walk because I suffocated, I could not climb stairs and I had a hard time tying my shoes.

The most painful thing for me was not being able to play in the park with my son.

I had about 4 hospital admissions a year because of my asthma, which was worse due to my obesity, now I haven’t been in hospital for a year, I had my surgery  1 year and seven months ago. It cost me a lot to take the first step out of fear because this surgery is not… I have surgery and so I instantly look thin, no it doesn’t works like that
It is the surgery and then the guidelines to follow,  you have to control yourself and take care of the diet.
Well, that’s how I did it, and every day I’m more glad I had surgery, I’ve already dropped 38 kilograms.
Thanks for everything


3 August, 2016

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