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My name is Maribel, I want to share my experience of how I went from total bitterness and despair, to the state of happiness and emotional balance where am I now since July 11, 2014.

I am a very organized person, I need to have everything under control, and the eating imbalance to which I subjected myself, made me have a very bad time and it caused me a great feeling of absolute failure which gave me an anxiety that dominated me and made meenter in a spiral.

Before I had surgery I weighed almost 103 kilos, I know that there are many people in the same situation that I was in, and thanks to the gastric Baypass that Dr. Carmen Hernández made me,thanks to her support, the advice and the way to guide me from her and her team, to the support of my family and my effort, I managed to get out and if I have succeeded , this can be achieved by anyone who is in this situation. Now I weigh 43 kilos less, I have regained my health, the desire to be here, safety and I believe in myself again.

I was afraid of the isurgery and not because of a lack of information, because Dr. Hernandez explained everything to me: it was minimally invasive surgery, the steps I was going to take, that in a short time I was going to be making normal life, the recovery was going to be very quick as satisfaction will be, and so it was, as she explained. But I was afraid of the unknown, if I was going to be able to do it right, afraid of failure…. to me, I was afraid of myself and not getting it… I lost my fear quickly and had to believe because following the guidelines one by one, step by step, everything was much easier than I could ever have imagined.

Family support is very important and the whole family must be involved as you have made a decision that will be definitive; you’ve decided to change and bet on yourself, and if you feel tucked away by yours, everything is easier to deal with, nicer, more bearable. Seeing you change and how your family prides itself on your effort and your “success” makes you feel very confident that you’ve done your best and shared among everyone the feeling of “well done” that, at least for me, was and is very important.


It’s been almost 2 years of my surgery and I’m still surprised to see myself some mornings, I still haven’t gotten used to being someone else, physically and psychologically, and that’s what I like, I don’t want to get used to it, I want to keep pleasantly surprised, or find myself in front of people that I haven’t seen in a while and that it’s hard for them to recognize me, and it’s not for vanity to see that I’ve made it and that I keep it going and that encourages me to move on.



3 August, 2016

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