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I arrived to Dr. Hernandez‘s medicalconsultation discouraged  after doing many diets which unfortunately did not serve me long-term weight loss. I was at a time when multiple health problems associated with obesity were beginning to emerge in me.

The doctor proposed me the solution of addressing bariatric surgery (gastric bypass and stomach reduction) to promote not only a huge weight loss but also a life change. He immediately gained my trust for her great experience, her professionalism and her ability to understand my problem. At first I did not have much support in my family environment but thanks to dr. managed to make them understand that my health took many more risks if I did nothing than if I approached the operation with all the guarantees both technically and humanly.

I was clear about my decision and the results are in sight: I entered the operating room at the end of October 2014 with almost 150 kgs and currently weigh 60 kgs less. I put myself in the hands of his team of professionals (nutritionist, psychologist… etc. and the truth is that the change has been tremendous. I’m a new man and it’s changed my life.

The post-operative was very good. In three days I was already home and I had no discomfort of any kind. I faithfully followed the instructions given to me both at the food level and at the level of physical exercise. The psychologist’s support was also critical. Obviously I had to do a lot of my part but at all times I felt very tucked in by his team. The overall approach they give to this process is critical. It’s not a diet anymore. It’s about changing your life, habits and behaviors. Today, I can eat anything, I exercise almost daily and enjoy life. I do a lot of things I couldn’t do before and I never thought I’d do it again.
I can only thank Dr. Hernandez for her professionalism, dedication, honesty and humanity. I can say that I am happy to be able to enjoy life and my family again.


3 August, 2016

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